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If you are starting to work for Ernst & Young GmbH Germany, payroll needs to check compulsory cover for the branches of social security system: statutory health insurance, statutory pension insurance, unemployment insurance and social long-term care insurance. Since 1.4.2007, everyone who lives in Germany has to be insured by a health insurance company. Most new employees have to choose between the different types of statutory health insurance funds. The best choice for employees of Ernst & Young GmbH is EY BKK.

General information on company health insurance fund

There are different types of statutory health insurance funds in Germany, but the traditional type BKK or Betriebskrankenkasse (which means company health insurance fund) differs from other health insurance funds because of its close relation to the firm for which it was founded.

What is EY BKK?

EY BKK was founded in 1999 because over thousand employees of Ernst & Young GmbH Germany voted for the establishment of a health insurance fund just for the members of Ernst & Young and their relatives. We are very proud that to date, over 15.200 insured trust in our insurance coverage, benefits and service.

For your information, Ernst & Young BKK is not part of the enterprise Ernst & Young Germany, but legally, financially and economically independent. We follow the rules of data protection as mandated by law.

Statutory health insurance system

You will find more information about the statutory health insurance system and an application form for download in the added files above.

Contribution rates to the branches of social security in Germany

Contributions have to be calculated by using the contribution rates for the different branches mandated by law and your assessable income up to the upper income limit for contributions. As an employee, only your earned income is the basis for contribution assessment.

In 2020 that means:

You don’t have to pay the contribution all on your own; your employer has to pay his 50 % part in the different branches. Exept the additional rate in social long-term care insurance.

Non-contributory dependants co-insurance:

In statutory health insurance, children can be insured contribution-free if they are younger then 18 (extended up to 25) as long as they are attending school or university and don’t have a regular income above 470,00 € per month. Also your husband or wife can be insured without paying an extra contribution if they aren´t working, aren’t required to have compulsory insurance or don’t have a regular income above 470,00 € per month.

You haven´t already received the “Familienversicherung” form? You can find it as an additional file on the homepage, or just call us and we will send it right back to you.

2021 | upper income limit per month | contribution rate | additional contribution
health insurance | 4.837,50 € | 14,60 % | 1,29 %
long-term care insurance | 4.837,50 € | 3,05 % | 0,25 % for childless members
pension insurance | 7.100,00 € | 18,60 %
unemployment insurance | 7.100,00 € | 2,40 %

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